Fall Jewelry Trends

Posted on November 08 2018

Fall Jewelry Trends

Fall jewelry trends tend to always compliment fall fashion trends. If you are lacking some jewelry inspiration or ideas, here are a few trends that might leave you inspired. This year fall jewelry trends consist of layered gold jewelry, lustrous pearls,  colored gems and much more. Check out the top five jewelry trends for this fall.


Not exactly your family heirloom pearls. Think old school meets millennial. This year, pearls are making a comeback by accentuating the modern area with luxury. Pearls have been considered to be timeless.

Colored Gems

A fresh take on the traditional white diamond, the colored gem trends have been all the rave this fall. It’s been seen incorporated into rings, earrings and tennis bracelets. This colorful trend allows your style to stay unique.


Dainty layering pieces continue to stay trendy, however, jewelry designers are shifting to chunkier chains for a bolder statement. These pieces can be layered with more delicate chains or worn on its own.


Enamel is one of the easiest ways to incorporate fun and colorful jewelry into the fall time.

80's Bling

Bold gold jewelry is making a comeback this fall. We are seeing thick hoops, rings and chokers all make their way into the fall season.

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