4 Rules on How to Layer Your Necklaces

Posted on October 11 2018

4 Rules on How to Layer Your Necklaces

With Autumn now approaching, there is no denying the opportunity to wear the latest trends in layered necklaces. Layering jewelry, however, may be challenging for some. Like anything, there are always tips and tricks you need to learn to get the most out of your look. Here are the 4 rules you need to know to layer your necklaces effortlessly and wear them confidently.

Rule #1: Mix Up Your Lengths

Start by seeing what you already have in your jewelry collection. The ultimate layered look requires a mixture of short, medium and long necklaces. 16”, 18”, 20” and 22” lengths are the most commonly-used. Unlike short chains, longer chains are a great way to layer over heavier attire like sweaters and coats.

Rule #2: Contrast Your Styles

When choosing necklaces to layer with each other, remember that contrast is key. The type of contrasts you pick should reflect your own personal taste. If you prefer dainty necklaces to layer with one another, go for it. If you prefer to mix bold statement pieces with delicate jewelry, you can also do that. Another great way to add contrast is by mixing metals or materials. Don’t be afraid to put gold next to silver or mix classic styles with trendier pieces. Layering works best if the necklaces contrast with each other; otherwise, you’ll look matchy-matchy.

Rule #3: Make A Statement

A layered look is inherently a fashion statement, so don’t be shy about including at least one bold piece. Statement chokers are on trend now, for example. The choker is a 90’s style that has recently come back with a vengeance. There are several choker styles from thick to thin that use materials as diverse as lace or leather. Other ways to add a bold statement include large pendants or colorful gemstones.

Rule #4: Include Stones

Incorporating gemstones into your Fall wardrobe will add a nice touch. Bring out colors like turquoise and dark purple to create colorful looks. Whether part of a statement necklace or a more dainty gemstone chain necklace, stones are a big part of helping you achieve the ultimate layered look.


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